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        Win2fs is an Ext2 file system driver for Microsoft Windows 2000 family of operating systems. Win2fs allows Linux Ext2 file systems to be "mounted" and used on a Microsoft Windows system much like the native FAT/NT file systems available on these platforms. Unlike other Windows apps for the Ext2 file system, Win2fs integrates these file systems well with the Windows OS itself, there by bringing out the best out of both.

The problem of sharing files across the Linux and Windows operating systems has been around for quite sometime. With the number of Linux users increasing, users are in need of some mechanism to share files from one operating system to another. A number of solutions (like Samba, NFS, etc) have been put forth for addressing this. But it should be noted that most of these solutions are of no help to the large number casual home users who use a single computing system with both Linux and Windows installed on the same machine. Such users have been forced to rely on third party software and voluntary Windows programs (like Win2fs) to access files stored on their Linux file-systems on Windows.

With Win2fs installed, ext2 volumes are assigned drive letters like G:, etc (also called 'mount points') and all running applications can directly access the files on these file-systems. Files and directories appear in all the file open/save dialogs of all applications and user don't have to copy files back and forth between Linux and Windows file-systems.

Win2fs had a humble beginning in 2001 when a group of students decided to do a Windows file-system driver as a part of their college under graduate curriculum. Since then, its being maintained by me, Satish kumar Janarthanan. If you would like to contribute to Win2fs or would like to leave me a comment (feedback or anything at all), I'll be glad to hear from you. You can reach me at

I would like to thank these people for supporting me in making Win2fs what it is today.

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Last Modified: Tuesday, 24 October 2006

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