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Following is a list of people whose source code/doc we referred to.

Matt Wu 

I am incredibly grateful to Matt for his Ext2FSD project (which is very similar in its motives to Win2fs). In fact, a major portion of the Win2fs driver code came from the V0.10A release of this project.

John Newbigin

John's explore2fs program was my first successful attempt to read files off my ext2 partitions from within Windows. His excellent documentation of the on disk structures of the ext2 file-system helped us greatly.

Peter Van Sebille

Peter's Windows 98 FSD for the ext2 file system served as the starting point for Win2fs (long before we embarked on the Windows NT/2000 versions).

Dejan Maksimovic

Dejan is a Guru with File system filters for Windows 9x and helped us in getting started with the Windows 9x IFS world. Without his help and support through mails, it would have been a nightmare for us to even think of a Windows 98 FSD given the very little documentation available on the subject (Thanks Microsoft :-))

Stan Mitchell

Stan Mitchell's excellent book "Inside the Windows 95 File system" is a Bible for all Windows 95/98 file system developers and we exploited it to the fullest extent.

Karen Hazzah

Karen's book "Writing Windows VxDs & Device Drivers" is another classic when it comes to writing Windows 98 device drivers.

Walter Oney

The Guru of all. Walter is well known in the Windows world for his books and lectures on the subject. His books "System programming for Windows 95" and "Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model" came in as a handy reference.

Rajeev Nagar

Rajeev Nagar's book "Windows NT File system Internals" is yet another excellent source of information for file system related software development on the Windows platform.

Lastly, of course, I'd like to thank Linus Torvalds for providing us such a powerful operating system like Linux,  Theodre Tso and Remy Card for coming up with the Ext2 file-system.

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